Team Building Events

Hands-On, Team Building Cooking Classes Led By A Professional Chef

​Team building is an important part of any good organization, now more than ever.  At The Cooking Studio, our team building classes are 100% hands-on, and they take place in our professional teaching kitchens in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Team Building at The Cooking Studio Fort Collins

We came from Wisconsin for a work meeting and used The Cooking Studio for our team building event. They did a fabulous job from booking the event to enjoying a fabulous well planned menu. Trish was so accommodating to our meal requests and Dana and Malini planned a great menu and were helpful and fun during the event. Would definitely encourage everyone to try them out!!

All of our cooking classes are led by a professional chef who will choose what dishes to prepare, though we’re always happy to accommodate any food allergies or preferences anyone in your group might have.

Whether you’re looking for a way to treat your own staff for a job well done, or you’d like to encourage teamwork and communication among your employees, our cooking classes offer a wonderful experience where people can come together and bond over cooking and eating delicious food.

Read about Old Town Media’s team building experience.

How it Works:

  • Chef-led instruction that encourages communication skills and teamwork.
  • Ideal for small start-ups, large corporate companies, university groups, non-profits, and more
  • Great for groups of 6 to 20*
  • Menus are decided by the Chef Instructor, accommodating food allergies and preferences.
  • Wine and beer can be paid for based on consumption, or we can offer a cash bar for your group.

* hosting larger groups can be accommodated with some adjustments to the experience. 

Who Should Attend

Corporate teams, non-profit boards, companies in the acquisition/merging mode, university groups, hospital department teams, and many more. Team building classes are designed to include everyone on your team, and everyone cooks and eats no matter their age and capability. Cooking is a great way to go about this because it equalizes the team and shows that no one is an expert at everything. Our approach can revitalize your teams.