Chefs 7" Santoku Knife

This 7″ forged Santoku chef’s knife is the go-to favorite of chefs at home. The steel used to forge these knives is on-par or better than Japanese steel and will stay sharp many months longer than other knives.

We’ve searched and found the BEST option for your kitchen. These knives are made by Tarrerias-Bonjean (TB), a leader in the knife making market based in the capital of French cutlery industry. In addition to paying attention to the ergonomic design, the precision of the cutting edge and the longevity of their knives, this French leader in the knife making market uses high quality materials, ancestral know-how and a commitment to the culinary traditions of France to manufacture its knives.

In fact, the TOP CHEF TV show (French Edition) uses them for all competitions and we use them exclusively in The Cooking Studio.