Kids & Teens Cooking Classes

Kid's Classes

Do you have a budding young chef in your home or know one who wants to expand his or her skills? The Cooking Studio offers a great lineup of cooking classes and summer camps for kids and teens of all ages.

Teaching kids how to cook is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility, creativity, organization, and cooperation in their growing minds. It can also foster lifelong lessons about nutrition and proper diet, something that is a necessity in today’s world of fast food and ready-to-eat processed snacks. The more your children know about cooking, the healthier they may become as they grow up.

We believe in teaching kids and teens as young adults and provide straight-forward instruction without talking down to them. Our Chef Instructors are skilled in baking and cooking as well as love working with kids and teens.

We cook and bake from scratch and recipes are refreshed for each camp and series. See the calendar below to get started.

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Summer Cooking Camps

In cooking camps we dive into some amazing foundational cooking techniques while making delicious foods! Once your kids learn to these basics of cooking, they’ll have the confidence to do anything in the kitchen.

Cooking camps are ½ day classes and held on two consecutive days. These are ‘hands-on’ camp, so your kid(s) will do 100% of the cooking! We make many recipes on each day, so the kids get to bring home much of what they’ve made for your evaluation. The food is GREAT and your kids will be making family meals in no time!

Cooking camps are for kids ages from 10 yrs – 14yrs.


Please use the arrows on the ‘Today’ menu to change the month.  New classes are posted several months in advance. 

My kids love this place. They’ve done a few of the kid's cooking classes/camps, and it’s one of the few things they ask to keep doing. At 12 and 15, it’s hard to find anything for them to do, let alone something they love so much! They learn techniques to use at home, and often replicate what they’ve made in class. I can’t wait to try a class, myself!

Karen H.

My son did one of your kids cooking classes yesterday. When we picked him up he ran out to the car so excited and happy about the class, it was awesome😊 he said the chefs were so nice and that he learned a lot, he said he couldn’t wait to go back today!! I did not get to try his creation but his grandma did and said it was delicious! Keep up the good work you have a good thing going here😊

Mr McDuncan