Kids & Teens Cooking Classes

Looking for a unique party for your kid or teen?  We offer both on-site and virtual parties. Visit our birthday party page.  For more information on all kid-related cooking events, please email

Virtual Experiences

How It Works:

Cooking at home has never been so fun! Get live coaching from a Chef via video conference. Kids receive step-by-step instructions, chef tips and tricks, and will ask questions as they go because the Chef is live in YOUR kitchen.

On-Site Classes

Do you have a budding young chef in your home or know one who wants to expand his or her skills? The Cooking Studio offers a great lineup of cooking classes and summer camps for kids and teens of all ages.

Teaching kids how to cook is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility, creativity, organization, and cooperation in their growing minds. It can also foster lifelong lessons about nutrition and proper diet, something that is a necessity in today’s world of fast food and ready-to-eat processed snacks. The more your children know about cooking, the healthier they may become as they grow up.

We believe in teaching kids and teens as young adults and provide straight-forward instruction without talking down to them. Our Chef Instructors are skilled in baking and cooking as well as love working with kids and teens.

We cook and bake from scratch and recipes are refreshed for each camp and series. See the calendar below to get started.

My 9 year old and I participated in the parent/child cooking class and had a blast. Both instructors were fun and professional. The cinnamon rolls and crepes we made were tasty! I would definitely recommend The Cooking Studio for all ages!


Summer Camps

In our summer camps the kids learn to cook and bake from scratch. Each 2-day camp is designed to build solid culinary skills in all areas of cooking. Our Chef Instructors are skilled in baking and cooking as well as love working with kids and teens

I love the virtual cooking classes they're offering over Zoom. My tween daughter made us dinner last night. The interaction was fun and the food was delicious.

Jennifer R.


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